A therapeutic alliance between you and the therapist, you can work through unpleasant experiences of the past through enhanced self-awareness.

Diagnostic Interview

A concentrated time obtaining information on the presenting issues, brief psychosocial history and arriving at a collaborative approach to treatment.

Individual Psychotherapy

Therapy is offered in 45 minute sessions. However, individual sessions with a partner or family may extend to 60-90 minutes. Additional charges apply for extended sessions beyond 45 minutes.

Psychological Testing

Testing may be performed during the treatment process. Test are administered in separate sesions. Insurance coverage depends on your insurance plan. You must contact your insurance company to determine coverage for psychological testing. Time spent interpreting and report writing may or may not be a contracted benefit under your plan. Charges are based on a per hour plan.

Group Sessions

A group session is scheduled for 90 minutes. Fees are determined by the coverage on your insurance plan.

Report Writing

Requested reports or letters pertaining to your history, treatment progress and psychological evaluation take time and concerted effort on your behalf. You just sign a release of information for such reports to be forwarded. Charges are made based on the time involved and the complexity of the report.

Court and Related Legal Issues

At times, requests are made for consultation with court personnel and attorneys. Court testimony incurs charges for preparation, travel time, wait time and testifying. Expert fees are extra. Charges are based on a per hour basis.


At times during the treatment process, consultation may be necessary with outside sources, such as school personnel, attorneys, family members, social agencies, etc. Charges are made on a per hour basis for the time involved. Travel time may be charged depending on the distance traveled.

Phone Consultation

The first 15 minute phone call is provided as a courtesy. Face to face conversations are preferable to phone calls. Please try to limit your call to 15 minutes. Extended time consultation on the phone will incur charges based on the time involved. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.


This is an important aspect of therapy. Therapy provides an environment in which you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings as well as behaviors. Therefore, all therapy sessions are confidential.

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