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The Family Enrichment Center, incorporates principles of Humanistic Psychology to assist children and families with issues: Child Behavior, Parenting, Anxiety/Depression and more.

Dr. Patricia Armstrong, Ph.D, M.S.W., RPT/S-P

Dr. Patricia ArmstrongDr. Armstrong, Ph.D. is also a Licensed Master of Social Work and has Assistant Professor status with Wayne State University and Visiting Professor status with Grand Valley State University.She received advanced training in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and Learning Disability Evaluation. She has been Board Certified as a Professor of Child Centered Therapy offered in a specialized setting.Dr. Armstrong is the founder of the Michigan Association for Play Therapy under the sponsorship of the United States Association for Play Therapy.

Our Philosophy

We believe each person is a very unique individual with talents, strengths and inner resources to meet the challenges that life offers. We respect each one's present status and work to enhance one's unique abilities to effect constructive changes in each one's life. At Interface I, P.C., we foster self-management through greater recognition and respect for each person's existing abilities. We strive to correct maladaptive ways of functioning to enhance each individual's potential for optimal growth.

Our Mission

Seeking mental health services requires courage and soul searching to take the steps to meet with a stranger to work out the challenges of daily living.

  • To provide quality, ethical services to individuals, children and family members
  • To activate each person's abilities to effect changes which engender self-respect and self-esteem
  • To promote healthy interpersonal relationships through the art of self-management and appreciation for the development and appreciation for the development of personal power.

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